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Elsinore Wednesday Evening Film Festival in #SalemOR

The Crowd

(King Vidor, USA, 1928) – Silent film

April 16, 2014
7:00 pm

All Tickets

An ordinary young man (James Murray) full of dreams and drive comes to the big city and must try to navigate it’s brutal avenues. With a new wife (Eleanor Broadman) and then a child, can he survive the modern city’s deadening heartlessness? Prescient about urban dehumanization, what King Vidor brought to the silver screen in The Crowd was pure genius, employing techniques way ahead of their time. 94 minutes.

“Classic drama… One of the greatest silent films; holds up beautifully.” –Leonard Maltin

“A silent masterpiece which turns a realistically caustic eye on the illusionism of the American dream. The performances are absolutely flawless, and astonishing location work in the busy New York streets (including a giddy tour of Coney Island on a blind date) lends a gritty ring of truth to [t]his intensely human odyssey.” –Time Out


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