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Willamette U. Theatre Playbill! in #SalemOR

Check Out Willamette U. Theatre Playbill!

Adapted by Ellen McLaughlin
Guest Director: Michelle Seaton
In this fresh take on Euripides’ tragicomedy, Helen never went to Troy but spent the war fought in her name in an Egyptian hotel room waiting for her husband Menelaus. Bewildered by her strange escape from her own story, even Menelaus’ final arrival cannot save Helen from the legend that has grown far larger than the woman who inspired it.
Co-produced with the Willamette University Department of Music
Performances in Smith Auditorium
Wealthy aristocrat Buoso Donati has passed away, and his family gathers for the reading of the will, only to discover that he has left his considerable fortune and estate to the local monastery. They hatch a plan to alter the will and reclaim the prize, but they need Schicchi’s help to pull it off.  Will he help the family, or help himself?
Written by William Wycherley
Director: Jonathan Cole
This Comedy-of-Manners play paints a frank picture of a rakish hero who will go to any length to engage in scandalous liaisons with the wives of his courtly colleagues. Ribaldry, sparkling wordplay, and old fashioned dirty tricks abound in this gleefully wicked romp through the inner chambers of 17th century London’s upper crust.

M. Lee Pelton Theatre

289 12th Street SE, Salem, OR

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