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Wednesday Evening Film Series at Elsinore Theater in #SalemOR

National Velvet

(Clarence Brown, USA, 1944)

February 18 at 7:00 pm

A spirited young English girl named Velvet Brown (Elizabeth Taylor), daughter of the village butcher (Donald Crisp), first takes under her wing an itinerant, troubled lad (Mickey Rooney).  Then she sets her sights on a gorgeous, unruly horse –– regarded by many as an uncontrollable menace –– with the intention of riding him in competition racing.  Obstacles abound, but Velvet’s mother (Anne Revere, in an Oscar-winning performance) knows a thing or two about determination and breaking barriers.  Mrs. Brown’s polite marital discourse with Mr. Brown is priceless.  A beautiful, grand production, marked by classical MGM craftsmanship, the film made Taylor (who did her own riding and stunts) a major star.  Nominated for five Oscars, it won two.  Angela Lansbury plays Velvet’s sister.  In Technicolor.  125 minutes.

“One of the most likable movies of all time.  Under the direction of Clarence Brown, the 12-year-old Elizabeth Taylor rings true on every line she speaks; she gives what is possibly her most dedicated performance….  The film is a high spirited, childish dream; like The Wizard of Oz, it makes people smile when they recall it.”  ––Pauline Kael

“ Outstanding….  Taylor is irresistible, Rooney was never better, and they’re surrounded by a perfect supporting cast. ––Leonard Maltin

“A charmer…, with a captivating performance from the young Liz Taylor as Velvet, and graceful, fluent direction.”   ––Time Out

Historic Elsinore Theatre
170 High St SE, Salem OR 97301

All films at the Historic Elsinore Theatre.  Box office and doors open at 6:00 pm, movies begin at 7 pm.



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