Summer at the Hallie Ford Museum, and Elsewhere…

On The Way

Friday night was the opening of the two summer shows at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art here in Salem.  The BIG summer show is the work of Portland sculptor Mel Katz, with also the very fine show of drawings by artists Christy Wyckoff and Tom Prochaska.


Mel Katz was to speak at 5:00 but got caught in traffic, so Museum Director John Olbrantz gamely did some adlib, and then they rolled a video piece on Mel and his work that had appeared earlier on OPB Art Beat….


Mel video

with Mel arriving just in time to catch a glimpse of himself being interviewed…(he liked it)

Mel arrives

Mel then told us about the evolution of his work over the years…process, mediums, steel and plastic and wood and concrete…the origins of his vocabulary, his alphabet…

pattern pieces 1alphabet 3

then off to the museum we went to see the show. (Photo Note: openings are not the best photo…

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