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Lecture at WU in #SalemOR: “What I Learned in Prison” by Melissa Buis Michaus – TODAY!

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What I Learned in Prison

April 29, 2016 at 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Melissa Buis Michaux, Associate Professor of Politics, will speak about her recent research.

The United States currently incarcerates about 2.4 million men, women and children. The number of incarcerated does not take into account how many people’s lives are touched by our extensive system of punishment, including those on parole or probation; children of incarcerated parents; and communities that support prison systems. Furthermore, racial disparities in arrests, sentencing, and prison time call into question our guarantees of equal justice and fundamental fairness. Inside the prison walls, many prisoners are subject to a system of control that prioritizes punishment over rehabilitation. All of this I knew before I stepped inside a prison. Come hear what I learned—about prison, the people behind the walls, and myself—once I went inside. I will also be joined by some students from my “Reforming Criminal Justice” class that has been going inside the Oregon State Penitentiary this semester and working alongside prisoners.

Free Admission. Open to public and students.

WU Campus – Hatfield Library – Hatfield Room
900 State Street
Salem, Oregon 97301
Phone: 503-370-6300

Contact Information:
Name: Doreen Simonsen
Phone: 503 375-5343
Email: dsimonse@willamette.edu
Melissa Buis Micheux

Event Sponsor(s):
Faculty Colloquium


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