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#SalemOR READS – 1st Book ever has been announced!

Salem Public Library Foundation presentsimg_8745

Salem Reads: One Book, One Community

Spare Parts by Joshua Davis

Salem Reads Programming during the month of February 2017

Salem Reads: One Book, One Community is a community-wide reading program encouraging people to come together through reading, discussion and programs based on the theme(s) of a common book.

The Salem Public Library is proud to announce we have chosen Spare Parts, by Joshua Davis for the first ever Salem Reads. The project is supported by the Salem Public Library Foundation, businesses and individuals who value the role of the Library in the community. This particular book will offer an opportunity for people of diverse ages, backgrounds, viewpoints to come together to discuss compelling common issues faced by the community, and further our goal of the Library being an inviting, inclusive community center and a place to seek knowledge.

Spare Parts by Joshua Davis has been selected as the inaugural book for Salem Reads. Macmillan Publishing describes Spare Parts as the true story of four Latino teenagers who arrive at the Marine Advanced Technology Education Robotics Competition at the University of California, Santa Barbara. They were born in Mexico but raised in Phoenix, Arizona, where they attended an underfunded public high school. No one had ever suggested to Oscar, Cristian, Luis, or Lorenzo that they might amount to much, but two inspiring science teachers had convinced these impoverished, undocumented kids from the desert who had never even seen the ocean that they should try to build an underwater robot.

Program Project Goals:

The program goals of Salem Reads: One Book, One Community are to:

  • Strengthen the Library’s role in the cultural life of the Salem community by fostering a sense of community, bringing people together to read and discuss a common book
  • Increase Library visibility throughout Salem and reach readers not currently patrons Library
  • Attract a broader, more diverse population of Library users
  • Increase Library partnerships with community businesses and organizations

We see Salem Reads as an opportunity to increase the Library’s visibility, and act as a catalyst to bring the community together around shared values. The committee selected Spare Parts because the book has many dimensions that will lend themselves to broad community engagement. These include education, immigration, undocumented young people, robotics, education best practices and equal opportunity for young people in general. Our program is distinctive from other similar programs in Oregon in that we are targeting the participation of young people in our high schools and colleges with the goal of having a rich multi-generational experience for everyone who participates. We hope choosing Spare Parts will be a unifying element in our community which is currently 25% Latino. We feel it is particularly important to engage the entire community in conversations about issues of equal opportunity, equity, education and legal status, using Spare Parts as stimulus.

Please contact the Foundation for more information:
Kate Van Ummersen
Salem Public Library Foundation



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