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Wendy Kroger Speaks About the Needs of the Caregiver at the #SalemOR Book Bin

mybrotherskeepereimageWendy Kroger Speaks About the Needs of the Caregiver at the Salem Book Bin

Friday December 9th at 7pm

Salem Book Bin
450 Court St. NE
Salem OR 97301

Wendy Mac Ewan Kroger’s love for her younger brother led her on a frightening and difficult journey after he suffered a major stroke. The episode plays out in My Brother’s Keeper: A Caregiver’s Story, from visits to hospitals and care facilities to sharing a home to dealing with a myriad of issues, none of which was easy.

Over the course of several years, Wendy became her brother’s caregiver, advocate, drill sergeant, mother – whatever helped. My Brother’s Keeper shares what she learned in hopes others who are inadvertent caregivers may benefit from the experience: Medical jargon, Medicaid, power of attorney, student loans, unraveling red tape, the IRS, credit unions, business owners, stellar professionals and unbelievable friends.

She learned about herself and lost thirty pounds, but she also discovered a tenacity she didn’t know she had. This is a tale that can help those who must care for others.

Come join us Friday December 9th at 7pm.

This event is free and open to all.

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