“What About Whales?” At the #SalemOR Public Library – Thurs. Jan. 4th

Full STEAM Ahead

“What About Whales?”

presented by the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Thursday, January 4, 2018 | 4–5 PM

Salem Public Library | Anderson Rooms A & B

Kids in grades 2-5 are to learn all about some of the most magnificent mammals of the sea in this multimedia presentation about whales and how they live.

This STEAM-based after-school experience is taught by experts from the Oregon Coast Aquarium using a multimedia presentation, bones, blubber, baleen and two life-sized inflatable whales. The focus is on how toothed and baleen whales have adapted for survival. Participants will compare their own adaptations with those of these giant creatures.

Sign up online or at the Children’s Ask Here Desk, 503-588-6315.

SIGN UP NOW: What About Whales

Main Library | 585 Liberty ST SE | 503-588-6315


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