#SalemOR Fellowship of Reconciliation Presents: “CONVERSATIONS ABOUT CHANGE” – Sat. Jan. 6th

Salem Fellowship of Reconciliation Presents…


Programs of peace, justice and nonviolence for 30 plus years

Saturday, January 6, 2018 | 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Salem Friends Meeting House | 490 19th St NE

Governor Kitzhaber spoke movingly at the annual meeting of Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty about the need to have deeper and more meaningful conversations about the death penalty in Oregon. Tom O’Connor, followed the Governor at the meeting, but instead of giving a speech he guided people into having those deeper conversations.

This was the launch of the Million Conversations about the death penalty campaign. The idea is not to change people’s minds, but to help them find their minds about the death penalty. We find our minds when we can hear ourselves speaking our thoughts out loud as others listen. Tom will guide us through the steps of how to have these revealing conversations, and how to be a part of the million conversations campaign. You will learn some simple active listening skills and how to hold yourself back from trying to fix or change people. You will learn how to connect with people of all ideas and find a common meaning – even in difference. You will learn how to be a leader and a listener at the same time.

Come, do some work, and have some fun in a safe place.

Everyone is welcome!


Tom O’Connor, a native of Ireland, has lived and worked in the US for 30 years – 17 of those in Salem. Tom began his career as an attorney, then became a friar (wondering monk) for nine years, and finally settled down to work in the criminal justice system. Tom has degrees in law, philosophy, theology and counseling, and a Ph.D. from the Catholic University of America that focused on Religion and Culture in the US Penal System.

For a ten-year period, Tom was the head chaplain and a research manager with the Oregon Department of Corrections. Tom’s work on systems and organizational change in corrections and criminal justice has taken him across the US and internationally to countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Australia, England, Ireland and France.

Tom has taught criminal justice at Portland State University and Western Oregon University, and is CEO of TRANSFORMING CORRECTIONS, a consulting company whose mission is to create a more compassionate, less costly, and more effective criminal justice system.

Information: 503-371-6109



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